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Essential Background for Practitioners


Acquisition vs. Assistance


Grants vs. Cooperative Agreements


Agreement Basics


About Proposals


Brief Checklist for Reviewing Proposal Solicitations


Negotiating the Agreement


Working with the Funding Agency


Modifying the Agreement


Policies You Need


Notes on Financial Policies


Notes on Procurement Policy


Notes on Property Management Policy


Notes on HR Policies


Personal Services Contracts - Procurement or Personnel?


Notes on Travel Policy


Notes on Subaward Policy


Notes on Conflict of Interest Policies


Other Policies You Need (or Not)


Regulations - Overview


Regulations Background


About the FAR


About 2 CFR 200


2 CFR 200 Study Guide (Free Download)


Links to Sources – 2 CFR 200/600/700 et al.


About USAID Regulations and Policies


Notes on ADS Series 300


About 22 CFR 228


22 CFR 228 Study Guide (Free Download)


Notes on 2 CFR 700


About DOS Regulations and Policies


Notes on 2 CFR 600


About CDC Regulations and Policies


About 45 CFR 75


45 CFR 75 Study Guide (Free Download)


Basic Financial Concepts


Primer on Costs, Expenses and Cost Objectives


About Revenue


Allowable Costs & Prior Approvals


Cost Allocation Principles


About Indirect Cost Allocation


About the NICRA


Documentation Requirements


Audit Basics


OMB Compliance Supplement to 2 CFR 200


Key Topics


About Proposals




USAID Eligibility Rules




Real Property




Property Management Issues




Hiring & Compensation Issues


Personal Services Contractors


Termination Costs (Severance)


Special Posting Costs for Expats




Cost Sharing


Program Income


Non-Support of Terrorists




Other Restrictions


Anti Trafficking


Partner Vetting


2 CFR 701 Study Guide (Free Download)




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